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Reading at Enfield Heights

Reading is an essential life skill is for pupils to be able to read fluently and confidently. It is our gateway to ensuring all pupils access the wider curriculum to succeed in all areas of learning.  

Our vision for reading 

At Enfield Heights Academy, we believe that it is the right of every child to become a competent and confident reader; able to live, work and succeed in the literate world with a passion for reading. Reading is one of our curriculum drivers.

We believe that children should be able to:

read fluently and confidently, 

use a wide vocabulary accurately and effectively,

be able to critique a range of fiction and non-fiction texts,

access the wider curriculum to its fullest and therefore to succeed in all areas of their learning. 

acquire the necessary reading skills to become ‘A Force for Positive Change’

Reading enables children to gain an invaluable insight into a world of imagination and therefore we understand our responsibility to foster a love of reading from a young age. By carefully selecting texts appropriate to our school and wider context, we aim to develop the cultural capital needed for children to succeed in a 21st Century adult life. Crucially, we aim to foster a love of literature and language through widespread reading for enjoyment.

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