Reading at home

How to encourage your child to read more.

Here are some things you could do at home to help to encourage your child to read for pleasure.

Set a good example

Let your child know that you value books and all types of reading and make sure they see you reading: newspapers, poems, news items on websites, blogs, physical books, your e books on yourKindle.

Don’t stop reading to your child

Some children love being read to, even when they are older and become fluent readers themselves. Read in your own language; it will help your child understand as the languages are transferable. 

Make time to read

Set some time aside for family reading, perhaps at bedtime. You could even switch off the wi-fi and put away game controllers after dinner! Reading helps everyone to relax and wind down from a busy day at school and at work.

Listen to your child read out loud

Reading aloud improves our memory of the words. So ask your child to read aloud. Maybe in the kitchen or in the car. They could even read to a sibling, a grandparent, family friend or carer. Some children even like to read to their pets!

Talk about reading

Share your views about books you have loved to read and also books that you have not enjoyed. Remember that reading is great fun - But that it is okay not to like a book!

Don’t just read books

Encourage your child to read in different formats: magazines, newspapers, comics, on the Internet, on a tablet or Kindle. Why not look at some book trailers together on YouTube to help choose their next book to read. 

Let them read what they want

Don’t pressurise your children into reading what YOU think they should read. Reading is highly individual. The important thing is to get them reading.

Visit a bookshop

Take the family to a book shop. Spend some time browsing through the children’s section together. If your budget allows, choose a new book to buy. Alternatively, you could browse the children’s books on Amazon or visit your local library.

Encourage them to use both the school and local libraries

Visit libraries to find new books to read. They are free and easy to use.  

Subscribe to a magazine of your child's choice

Let your child choose a comic or magazine they really like and subscribe to it, if you are able to afford it. They’ll love receiving it in the post each month and will be more likely to read it if they chose it. A subscription makes a great birthday or Christmas gift.

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