Meet the teaching team

Meet the team teaching your child.

Find out about the expectations we have for the year, home learning, the school uniform, attendance and punctuality and other important school information for the twelve months ahead.

It is critical that we work as closely as possible with our families.

Much research has shown the positive effects of schools and parents continuously working hand-in-hand to support and encourage children’s learning and development.

The stronger the partnership, the greater the benefits for the children.

Click on the links below for the year group your child is in to find out more.

Please don't hesitate to contact the school office if you have any queries.

We hope everyone has a very successful and happy year in our school.

Miss Powrie

View the presentation

Presentation for Year 1 here.

Presentation for Year 2 here.

Presentation for Year 3 here.

Presentation for Year 4 here.

Presentation for Year 5 here.

Presentation for Year 6 here.