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Ofsted report praises Enfield Heights Academy, 2021 inspection

We are very pleased to be able to share with you the findings of a very positive report about the school from Ofsted. 

Overall, this is an extremely encouraging verdict on our wonderful school, the teaching team and the support provided by of our families.

The good news is that Ofsted has confirmed that we have retained our rating of ‘Outstanding’, with suggested areas for improvement that we will need to address before the next inspection, which is due to take place within the next 2 years.

The teaching of critical subjects like English and mathematics is especially singled out for praise, as well as the ambitions we have for pupils to succeed academically and socially. The way teachers foster a love of reading across the school is commended.

The praise for the children being a “credit to the school”, through their behaviour and attitude towards learning, is something our families should be very proud of indeed.

That we have had such a positive report, against the background of almost 2 years of the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, is an endorsement of all the excellent work that happens at Enfield Heights and the partnership between the school and our families.

The areas identified for improvement are very helpful and we have already put in place a detailed action plan to carefully address each one.

Highlights from the report:

Pupils “learn particularly well” in English and mathematics and there is “a love of reading across the school.”

School leaders and governors “are ambitious for their pupils.”

“Pupils know that their teachers expect them to behave well and work hard.”

School leaders have developed pupils’ interests and character, resulting in “a calm, tolerant school environment.”

Pupils are said to be “thoughtful and calm” and “a credit to the school.” 

Phonics is well taught.

Pupils “learn how to look after their mental health and how to stay safe online.”

Our safeguarding procedures are judged effective and “pupils say they feel safe.”

“The school’s provision for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities is strong.”

North Star Community Trust, which manages the school, “provides leaders with challenge and support.”

Areas for improvement 

In some subjects there needs to be “a better understanding about how pupils should develop knowledge over time and stronger learning.”

Ensuring curriculum plans are as good as the ones for English and mathematics.

More regular checking of “what pupils know and can do across the curriculum.”

Next Steps

We want to be the best possible school that we can be and we must always be looking to see how we can improve. 

We are aware of the steps we need to make and this report confirms where we are in our journey to embed the new curriculum in line with the new Ofsted framework.

The Ofsted report

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