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Maths at Enfield Heights

Early Years Maths at Enfield Heights Academy

Building Foundations for a Lifetime of Mathematical Understanding

At Enfield Heights Academy, we understand that Maths is a fundamental part of everyday life. Our approach to teaching Maths in the early years is designed to instill a strong conceptual understanding in our students, equipping them with the skills and confidence necessary to apply mathematical thinking in problem-solving scenarios.

Our Learning Goals

By the end of Reception, we aim for our children to achieve specific developmental milestones in two key areas:

Number Proficiency

Deep Understanding of Numbers to 10: We focus on the composition and structure of numbers up to 10.

Subitising Skills: Children learn to recognise quantities of up to 5 without counting.

Number Bonds Mastery: Our students will be able to recall number bonds up to 5, including subtraction facts, and some bonds to 10, such as double facts, without reliance on mnemonics.

Numerical Patterns

Counting Beyond 20: Children will be able to verbally count past 20, understanding the systematic nature of our counting system.

Comparative Quantitative Analysis: We teach students to compare quantities up to 10 in various contexts.

Pattern Recognition: Exploration and representation of patterns within numbers up to 10, including understanding evens and odds, double facts, and equal distribution concepts.

Our Teaching Methodology: The CPA Framework

To foster a deep understanding of Maths, we employ the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) framework. This method ensures that abstract mathematical concepts are grounded in tangible experiences.

Concrete Stage: This "doing" stage involves children using physical objects to model problems. It's hands-on and interactive, allowing children to engage directly with mathematical concepts.

Pictorial Stage: The 'seeing' stage, where children transition from physical objects to images that represent these objects. This critical phase strengthens the connection between concrete experiences and abstract thinking.

Abstract Stage: Building or drawing models aids in solidifying children's understanding of abstract concepts, making complex ideas more accessible and easier to visualise.

Join Us on a Mathematical Journey

At Enfield Heights Academy, we are committed to nurturing a lifelong love for Maths in our young learners. We invite you to join us on this exciting educational journey, where Maths is not just a subject but a pathway to understanding the world.

You can download a presentation about maths for our early years here.