Join us for the launch of Read Aloud

Welcome to the Read Aloud Initiative!

The Trust that manages our school is organising its biggest ever reading initiative across its 3 primary schools:  Woodpecker Hall Academy, Kingfisher Hall Academy and Enfield Heights

We are excited to be a part of this campaign that aims to foster a love for reading among our children outside of the classroom.

The aim is to create a vibrant reading community within our schools, bridging the gap between education and home life.

By doing so, we're not only preparing our children to access learning at all stages of their development, or for the complexities of GCSEs – where a reading age of 16 is crucial – but also laying a strong foundation for their overall educational success. 

Get ready for an exciting array of activities and events that will bring this initiative to life.

Launch events:

Woodpecker Hall - 27 November, Enfield Heights – 28 November, Kingfisher Hall – 30 November. Don't forget to collect your free gift!

Read Aloud launch events - be part of the story 

Woodpecker Hall Academy

Monday 27 November 3.15-4.15pm

Admission: Absolutely Free!

Enfield Heights  Academy

Tuesday, 28 November 3.15-4.15pm

Admission: Absolutely Free!

Kingfisher Hall Academy

Thursday, 30 November 3-4pm

Admission: Absolutely Free!

Join us for stories and surprises with the launch of Read Aloud 

Story time

The Hungry caterpillar

Masked Marvels & Superheroes

Crafts & games 

Put on capes and masks from our superhero collection!

Magazines and comics

Book swap

Gifts and prizes

Take home a free Read Aloud bag

Win art sets and colouring books

Tips for encouraging reading at home