Science experiments at Home!

Why not try some experiments at home?

You and your children could have some great fun and learn things while conducting your own home science experiments.

You could go online and find some. We've also prepared some instructions you could follow.

Would you like to make slime, build a fizz inflator, clean pennies with vinegar, or create a colour symphony!

While conducting your experiment, please think about the following:

  • Have you got all your equipment?
  • Are you conducting a fair test?
  • Are you taking time to observe you experiment?
  • Can you record this in any way?
  • Do you think your results were accurate? Why?
  • How are you recording your results?
  • Did anything unexpected happen?
  • Have you got a conclusion?

Experiments: our step-by-step guide

We have produced an easy to follow guide to make your own slime, build a fizz inflator, clean pennies with vinegar, or create a colour symphony. Download the guide to 4 amazing home experiments here.

Science Week in your school

The idea behind the week is to raise awareness, spark enthusiasm and celebrate science.

Science has led to the discovery of everything from gravity to medicine. Science is based on curiosity - and when children aim to learn more about the world around them, it is science that often holds the clues they need for a better understanding.

Science helps shape children's development. As they learn to ask questions, make predictions, observe, test, and then communicate their findings, they are developing critical science skills.

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